Consulting Forestry

Forest and woodland management is a major component of land ownership. You may view land strictly from the standpoint of producing the most timber possible.  Then again, producing and maintaining optimal wildlife habitat may be a your top priority. In either instance, or if finding the perfect balance between the two ends of the spectrum is more fitting, the consulting foresters at TLA have you covered.

Regardless of your goals, forest and woodland management requires planning, diligence, and patience. Our company understands this better than anyone else. Whether you own 40 or 40,000 acres, TLA can customize a management plan that perfectly aligns with your objectives. And most importantly, we are committed to implementing sound forestry management practices every step of the way to ensure the plan is successful.

Tree thinning, controlled fire, herbicide application, and reforestation are just a few of many practices we coordinate and implement. We also inventory and value standing timber. When it comes to any type of timber harvest, we can oversee the entire process. We can help you achieve the most for your wood product and help protect your land during the harvest.

A timber thinning is one of the most critical and sensitive practices of a forest management plan. This is an especially important concern for hardwood timber stands, and is one area where mistakes must be avoided.  Thinning practices that are inconsistent with long-term landowner objectives can derail decades of effort.  TLA is the best choice to help guide you around any management pitfall.

The consulting foresters of TLA, combined with our land professionals and wildlife biologists, are a one-of-a-kind, unbeatable team. Furthermore, we are also landowners. So, we completely understand and relate to the sensitive nature of timber management. Contact us for more information on how we can help you manage your forest and woodland resources.